New Single We Just Begun (feat. Bviz) Out Now!

We Just Begun (feat. Bviz)

We Just Begun (feat. Bviz)

20/20 vision

20/20 Vision is King B.A.V.'s sixth album. On the single, “Haters Gonna Hate”, Bviz joins King B.A.V. and both artists show why they continue to make music for themselves and their fans regardless of what anyone else says. “Rising Up (Like A Phoenix)”,  has King B.A.V. rapping about how he continues to change with the musical styles of hip-hop and how he can still battle rap with the best of them. On the Single, "Madd Skillz”, Bviz makes his second of two appearances on the 20/20 Vision album. He provides a hard-hitting chorus to the King’s already hard-hitting vocals. “Uncle Sam” makes the argument that King B.A.V. should be considered the “King of Rap” and that he doesn’t need to prove himself.


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2020 Vision, the sixth album from hip hop rapper King B.A.V. available now. Featuring the singles, "Haters Gonna Hate" "Rising Up Like A Phoenix" "Madd Skillz" "Miracle Man" and "Uncle Sam"