Rhyme Bomb! Reimagined is King B.A.V.'s 8th album. It is the 20th anniversary of the Rhyme Bomb! album including 12 remixed and remastered tracks many of which have also been rerecorded with amazing clarity. "Last Chance (Reimagined)" is the first single from the album. It includes a full motion music video detailing what people do in their lives when given another chance... A last chance.

Survival is King B.A.V.'s seventh album. It describes how people may struggle through hard times, but that the struggle is just part of the game. The first single, "We Just Begun" again features Bviz as both rappers hit hard and heavy letting everyone know that they intend to continue making history rapping together well into the future. They even shout out to soccer phenom Marcus Rashford on the track.

King B.A.V.'s sixth album, "20/20 Vision" featured 5 singles. On the single, “Haters Gonna Hate”, Bviz joins King B.A.V. and both artists show why they continue to make music for themselves and their fans regardless of what anyone else says. “Rising Up (Like A Phoenix)”, has King B.A.V. rapping about how he continues to change with the musical styles of hip-hop and how he can still battle rap with the best of them. "Miracle Man" "Madd Skillz" and "Uncle Sam" were also released as successful singles from the album.

On his fifth album, "Legacy", King B.A.V. talks about the serious issue of suicide from the perspective of the victim as well as from the point of view of the ones left behind on the single "Sittin' In The Dark.” This is a societal issue that needs more focus and King B.A.V. is providing that focus. On the Single, "Where's The Love?", Bviz again joins King B.A.V. to rap about the legacy King B.A.V. has made in the rap and hip-hop world. On the single, "These Bars I Spit", King B.A.V. raps about the preparation he puts into writing and then rapping these important songs on the Legacy album. 

On his 4th release, "Mystical" King B.A.V. raps on hard-hitting hip-hop songs that make a statement about the world we are living in with societal and political commentary. The single, "Fake News (feat. Bviz)" talks about the media and the political climate and discusses what is fake news vs. real news. On the single, "Lunatic Fringe" King B.A.V. raps about the world we live in and the challenges we face given the unknown and scary environment. "Down For Life" is King B.A.V.'s mantra that he has always been down for hip-hop and always will be. The tracks on Mystical make a strong statement about hip-hop and the importance of staying true to yourself. 

King B.A.V. was on the first round ballot for the Grammy nominations for Best Rap Album and Album of the Year for “Behind The Wall.” King B.A.V. was on the first round ballot for the Grammy nominations for the song Arnold Vs. Arnold. King B.A.V. and the "Rhyme Bomb!" CD were also on the first round ballot for the Grammy nominations, in four categories: Best Rap Album, Album of The Year, and Best New Artist. Also, the producer of “Rhyme Bomb!” was nominated for producer of the Year. 

King B.A.V.’s debut, "Violence Is Golden" spawned two singles, “Give It All To Me” and “Together In My Dreams,” which were played on Top 100 Arbitron rated radio stations across the country including many of the popular KISS FMs and are on the “New Music Weekly” and “Friday Morning Quarterback” charts. 

While touring, King B.A.V. performed in front of 3,000 fans at the world famous San Diego County Fair. King B.A.V. has had nearly 40 songs played on Ison Live Radio in Australia and Europe. Four tracks cracked their Top 10, including one at #1 and each week they averaged 948,267 listeners. This has provided a multitude of international fame for King B.A.V. 

King B.A.V. was nominated for Best Rap Artist and Best Rap Album at a past San Diego Music Awards and the song “I Rock” was nominated for Best Rap Song of the Year at the Just Plain Folks’ Awards. 

King B.A.V.’s EP “I Rock” received national attention when Gavin and Impact both included a favorable review of the CD in their trade magazines.