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KING B.A.V.: Press

Three stars! King B.A.V.'s songs have plenty of groove. "Give It All To Me" oozes romance.
San Diego Union Tribune
Booty shaking old-school dance floor groove, for those who want to dance.
King B.A.V. has a strong track with his latest release
Impact Magazine
King B.A.V. has some positive raps to share.
North County Times
"Violence Is Golden" is a good debut with fresh rhymes. King B.A.V. delivers cheeky lyrics while his crew pulls off impressive productive tricks. Homeboy has game to spare on tracks like “I’ll Take Your Girl Too” and slow jams like, “Together In My Dreams” prove that King B.A.V. really could take her. The upbeat songs have good thumpin’ bass and drum tracks. The resulting musical range is effective. King B.A.V.’s rapping style fits well with the straight-up production.
Slamm Magazine
“All’s Well In Hell” ends the Transmissions 2 CD with a bang. I liked this track, it reminds me of other rap artists, also it has a new edge to it. Very well planned and performed.
Saint Louis Music Forum