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Hip Hop Lyrics

Posted on January 16, 2016

Good storytelling lyrics is important in Hip Hop music to make the listener want to hear more and find out what happens at the end of the track! As a West Coast Hip Hop rapper, King B.A.V. understands the importance of writing quality lyrics as well as hard hitting beats. The lyrics are what tell the story in a song. Without lyrics that grab the listener, songs would just be drum beats and basslines. The story being told must be interesting to make the listener continue to listen to the track. King B.A.V. on Violence Is Golden, Rhyme Bomb! and Behind The Wall, makes sure to tell exciting stories that put the listener into the jams. Each track makes it so the person listening wants to hear what happens to the person King B.A.V. is rapping about. Without an interesting story in the rap, what is the point of listening to a track?

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