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The new King B.A.V. Album Mystical

Available on iTunes, Apple Music,, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal and many more digital outlets.

Written and produced by King B.A.V.

Featuring 14 new tracks including the singles:

"Lunatic Fringe" "Fake News feat. Bviz" "You Ain't All That!"

On Adbran Records

New Single "You Ain't All That!" is available now!

Listen to and Download the "You Ain't All That!" single now.

Listen to and Download the "Fake News" feat. Bviz single now.

"Lunatic Fringe" single!

Listen to and Download the "Lunatic Fringe" single now.


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King B.A.V. on social media:

Instagram: kingbav_daking

Snapchat: KingBAVDaKing

Twitter: @KingBAV

Facebook: KingBAVdaking

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